Gothic and Lolita

"Gothic". While regarded in Europe as the epitome of a lady's wardrobe from the middle ages rather than the present day, it has been successfully combined with Lolita elements to reinvent itself on the world stage as a uniquely Japanese fashion style.
This, by the way, is distinctly different from the "Cosplay" style popular among characters of anime. Newcomers to this kind of fashion should keep this in mind.

A perusal of the Goth-Loli style through a number of prominent websites ( among them), reveals that the decadent "Gothic" design is a fashion characterized by white make-up and mainly bondage-themed outfits and clothes laced with the aura of death and demons.

The central theme of "Lolita" on the other hand, is a style for the young maiden adorned in frills and lace, with panniers, voluminous skirts, and headdresses in the colors of pure white and pink, reminding one of European royalty and princesses.

And then, we have "Gothic Lolita", which is defined as embracing the iconic frills and lace of the Lolita, while blending in Gothic components, which are based on matching dark colors with pink items and other assorted decadent motifs.

Along those lines, it is said that the spiritual nature of the design is shared among girls only, and is the source of their attraction to it.

While it is seen as a type of street fashion, girls in this type of clothing are not easily spotted on the streets.

While core fans can be found worldwide, as seen for example at the La Foret Harajuku fashion show in France at the Japan Expo, the provocative Goth-Loli style still attracts an inordinate amount of attention, according to PUTUMAYO manager Katsuta, despite the attention it has been receiving.

Because of this, Harajuku is becoming a semi-holy Land for devotees of this style.

Recently, Westerners sporting the Goth-Loli style can even be seen passing through this trendy area, many among them having come to Japan for the sole purpose of indulging in their fascination.

Harajuku. Popular brands in the past included Milk and Milk Boy, yet have been quickly eclipsed the past few years by Gothic, Lolita and Goth-Loli styles.
This is yet another fun and unique incarnation of original Japanese style.

But the scene has changed a lot these days....
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