About a decade after Tokyo became a worldwide fashion observation point.
However, most domestic organization or companies are still in the phase trial and error with the exception that some of them an eye on such a trend.

Is this significant step also refered as one of the trial and error later?

The one and only Japanese fashion online store for overseas:
Selected highly-sensitive fashion and valued designer's perspective; not price appeal,
and standing by the principles that integrated suppling Japanese designers and their real clothes (Tokyo Street).

There is an opinion that Japanese fashion tastes have been stolen because of Japanese exclusive circumstances.
There is an opinion that partially-mimicked local clothes are better.
But only one thing we can say is the real stuff must be onli in original items.
Now the circumstances where you can get the such real stuff is only here.

Especially a concept of "TOKYO STREET COLLECTION"(TSC) is overseas promotion for Japanese brands.
Not imitations steals Tokyo's taste, overseas promotion for real, edgy and highly-sensitive brands.
That is an overseas promotion of Tokyo's steets.

Streets of Tokyo are taking root many cultures.
Recently teen's fashion culture is outstanding by their originalities, but several histories, cultures and variousness are essentially on Tokyo's streets.
TSC is born to embody those various worlds.
Tokyo Street Collection
Graces catched breath in your throat-
Roots of "Made in Japan"-
the forefront of Kawaii -
Explosive variousness-
There are variousness of truth.
They are many histories, cultures, aspects and peoples.
Their variousness makes Tokyo's streets shine.
In this field TSC possesses great experimental model.

In addition, products TSC handles can't be purchased in Japan.
It is afforded only orders from overseas.
It is because of steady in TSC allegiance.
TSC will try to find many possibilities by new fields, concept, allegiance and approaches in new era.
Even at the old field of supplyment, TSC will give birth to a new concept.
Tokyo Street Collection
One of TSC's features is not a government-affiliated project.
TSC is natural and necessity, and not big business project but no deterioration nor lies.
Because this circumstance derives from designers' desires.
They are directness, fineness and pureness which will be born a new culture during the next decade.

TSC's many visions feed back from the front lines of designer's foelds.
TSC assumes methodological establishment at several fields.
Tokyo Street Collection
As opposed to emergence of the worldwide mega-fashion brands, the number of medium and small-sized fashion brands have increased in Japan.
Especially Japanese fashionable costomers wear the brand's perceiving the world and feelings that matche theirselves at that time.
TSC aims such higher environment emerge worldwide on time.

Japanese fashion genre would be remained broken up again and again in the future.
TSC also functions to sustain next generation's designers.
The significance of TSC's existence possesses a huge view of the world instead of Japan Fashion Week, and will be increased as far as Tokyo's fashion(street) situates at cutting-edge.
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