An overwhelming presence

Silence commands the space

Covered to the fingertips, an asexual dignity

A person's beauty and darkness dance to and fro.

The shape of being beyond all emotion.

Wasn't the image left by the curve the essence of someone innocent?

While the time passed, before my eyes I saw "beauty" and finally came to understand the word. Around then, I was drawn in further.

Hirokazu Tategata

Fashion organization AMBIANCE, created by Setsuko Araki, held a special tradeshow at Aoyama Bell Commons, bringing together talented designers and artists from Japan and beyond to exhibit their work.

That is to say, this day, the day I attended, in those 10 minutes or so, I happened to be present: to witness Japanese contemporary dance and then to behold its symbol.

In my confusion, the difference between this and the world I saw before was amplified.
I was astounded. If I could see with his eyes for just a moment, perhaps I could catch sight of the space between surface and reality, within the world, and myself.
I was completely powerless in front of this overwhelming spectacle.
I then understood what Ms Araki was truly reaching for. I too wanted to feel it; to make sense of it.

* * *

The flowers of this gentle world bloom and eventually fall to gravity. There, as never before, the sublimity of the world grew.
The calmness of the streets is accentuated by the clear air of winter. It blows over the buildings making them appear almost like castles. Already the landscape is instilled into my memory: the deep green in the radiant winter light flickering brilliantly against the whiteness of the new office. Amongst the various things nestling inside the warm room, his world, in its simplicity, might have emerged.

After the photo shoot, peering out from the window I once again felt an urge to reach out: this time against the cold outside; driven by the warmth, tenderness and beauty enveloping everything within.

On that day I brought with me several magazine articles and DVDs featuring his performances. A leaflet on the table showed photos of him dancing at a festival. The same bewitchingly made-up figure sat in front of me now.

First, I wanted to fill the channel separating reality and that beauty.

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