Living in the midst of modern revolutionary era, we sometimes get to witness the very first movement of a major change.
And just like a microcosmic, it allows you to have an orderly feel and brings to you clear excitement.
In Men's fashion, there have been numerous exciting evolutions, and among them, there are several personalities that have to be held in.

STOF (Hiroshi Tanida)

There exists freedom that has broken the routine.
Before these have been turned into an output, "Humor" and "sense of beauty" were words that had covered one's life.
The general rule lies in the quality.
In an indifferent manner, one does what one can do.
There, there is nothing that you cannot do.

STOF does not aim to expand its business.
Instead, it is trying to observe social trend through the corner of its eyes and create a unique path of its own.

STOF- a fashion brand that is created out of our very own hands.
The direction of several fashion brands, such as seesaw, a fashion label that is exploring the new relationship between graphic design and fashion and collaborating with various artists, Bedsidedrama, a creation of artist Satou Kayo, and VAD&MEL and others, products of graphic artist ROLLINGTHUNDER.
The production direction for the work of display for the 1 million people's candle light, such as the replica clothing of David Lynch's "The Elephant Man".
The literary activity that is represented by the launch of the serialization of fashion magazine, personal publication as a poet by publishing label POETRY BOOKS, etc.
The presidency of the interior design of Select Good Shop, Shigatsu, goods selection and production label, THOUSAND LEAVES.

We are expanding into large-scale activities that are beyond fashion, branching out just like how the veins on a leaf do.
And these present to us the new "Hybrid Model"

If we were to talk about the more essential matter, it will be the "enlightenment" from unique things.
To provide a theme and collaborate based on that theme.
Comparing to that of an ordinary designer, the paradigm is reversed.

The theme that was given in return was "How to utilize".
When in liaison with other creators, "bringing out the strength of that person" will help to advocate the field of art director.
If we were to be in the transition period, it is probably a must for us to change the concept of some fashion designers.
Designer Hiroshi Tanida.
Instead of fashion design, he had majored in the business management of a fashion shop.
This was because in Japan, there are a lot of cases whereby those who graduated from fashion design end up getting a job in big apparel companies.

After graduating from Nagoya Mode Gakuen, he moved to Osaka and worked in a select shop, as a MD, and as a writer.
In 2001, upon the start-up of a Berger metal private limited company that possessed DIET BUTCHER SLIM SKIN, he went to Tokyo.
In 2004, he became independent that started his own brand, STOF. From then on, he presented his works to others through the format of an exhibition.

STOF means "cloth" in Dutch.
Its feature is that it has the concept of "clothing with a story behind it"

STOF 2009-2010 A/W collection RODIE STOF 2009-2010 A/W collection RODIE STOF 2010 S/S collection DADICATED TO HIPPIE STOF 2010 S/S collection DADICATED TO HIPPIE STOF 2010-2011 A/W collection MYSTERY CIRCLE OF FRIENDS bedsidedrama 2009-2010 A/W collection SHAKING NEST bedsidedrama 2010 S/S collection ROYAL COLORING THOUSAND LEAVES カップ&ソーサー Ready or not select goods shop 四月 VAD&MELとのコラボレーションレーベル、VS 近影
starting from the left

STOF 2009-2010 A/W collection "RODIE"
STOF 2009-2010 A/W collection "RODIE"
STOF 2010 S/S collection "DADICATED TO HIPPIE"
STOF 2010 S/S collection "DADICATED TO HIPPIE"
STOF 2010-2011 A/W collection "MYSTERY CIRCLE OF FRIENDS"
bedsidedrama 2009-2010 A/W collection "SHAKING NEST"
bedsidedrama 2010 S/S collection "ROYAL COLORING"
THOUSAND LEAVES cup & saucer "Ready or not"
select goods shop SHIGATSU
"VS", collaboration label with VAD&MEL
His office is like a hidden house in the residential area of Nakamekuro.
Just like the Ghibli Museum, what is enchanting is the fact that it is hard to be found.

We finally noticed.
It was because in here, there was most important basis of being in "harmony" with everything.

select shop SHIGATSU
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