YANTOR holds the power to express the soul.

Expressions of sexuality,
Awareness of the era,
Everything is born from the people that are there, and the spirit that resides there.
We propose Yantor as a type of fashion that acts as a medium to express the spirit of humanity. This brand relates philosophies, stances, and processes as something more practical and concrete. The result is a brand that is overwhelmingly flexible and has achieved free expression, making possible fusions with a variety of different areas. Possessing that which shines with the ages and that which is elegant at its core, Yantor expresses concepts that are without boundaries.
Performance art,
and a sense of happening.

Yantor is viewed from the midst of a fusion of concepts.
Once you've found yourself in the center of this fusion, you can freely come and go.

The space created by YANTOR is brought forth between contrast and opposition.
YANTOR gives birth to fashion from a large expanse of fertile soil.
This brand's expressions are interrogative and are the results of philosophies, stances, and processes. What lies within the strength held by these expressions, on the other hand, is the essence of art.

YANTOR has redefined the meaning of strength.
These representations of strength inhabit our apparel and advocate the existence of clothing. It may be that this strength is a necessity demanded by our era.

The rise of a new form of fashion is being predicted by YANTOR.
Designer: Kousuke Itakura, Kensuke Yoshida
photo : shogo takebayashi
hair : BAMBI(twiggy)
make-up : kazuhiro awashima
movie : naoya sakaguchi
music : Mt. Fuj
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